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Long Island, New York, has long been known for its delicious wines on the East End. The north and south forks of Eastern Long Island are national centers for agriculture and tourism. Yet, it’s coffee industry has been, historically, very small.

In 2016, East End Coffee Roasters changed this. By showcasing artisanal, hand-made coffees, and by harnessing the already rich history of Eastern Long Island’s innovative wineries, East End Coffee Roasters upholds its regional history and draws on the skill of professional coffee-roasting strategies to into a truly special coffee: roasted in small batches, hand-made, hand-sealed, hand-stamped from the regions where the best coffee is grown.

It’s the mission of East End Coffee Roasters to guarantee a perfectly roasted cup of coffee, everywhere you have it, every time. In keeping this promise, we meticulously ensure quality and consistency in our coffee-roasting process, which churns under the careful watch of Roastmaster Dwight Amada. Most importantly we package our coffee by hand; we hand-mark our quality stamp on every bag of East End Coffee. And we do so only because we know that quality of and connection to your coffee matters; because we know coffee that’s handled with care in a hands-on process is the best.

At East End, it is our goal to deliver you the guarantee that your coffee-drinking experience is consistent every time. As such, we are committed to supporting our farms all over the world and our professional Roastmasters on the East End who ensure that your cup of coffee is handled with care, every time, from farm to cup.