Colombian Supremo

Product Note: Hint of maple syrup

Our Colombian coffee is smooth and balanced with low acidic properties. Grown in one of the world’s most popular coffee regions, this sweet tasting classic coffee is perfect for those who want their coffee to be just that-classic.

Region: Known to most of the world as the epicentre for good coffee, Colombian coffee has developed over-time into one of the most well-known coffee flavors. With its 100% Colombia campaign, featuring the ubiquitous Juan Valdez, it is a model of a successful marketing. Second only in scale to Brazil, Colombia’s coffee is expertly grown at high altitudes by family farms. These small peasant holdings work to make sure their crops are carefully picked, sorted, and dried to perfection. The Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers ranks among the world’s most thorough and successful efforts at organizing and supporting small-holder coffee farmers.



Enjoyed by:  Abraham Lincoln, James Franco, Nelson Mandela, and Michael Jordan