Costa Rican Organic

Product Note:  tropical fruits, citrus fruits (lemon/lime/orange), palm leaves

Costa Rica: The landscape is gorgeous. The water is clear. And it’s warm all year long. The best part though? Costa Rican coffee can be grown all year long and is among the best tasting in the world thanks in large part to its volcanic soil and tepid climate. With lemon-like citrus nuances this fruity coffee boasts a smooth body and crisp finish.

Region: An amazing feature of Costan Rican coffee is not that it’s beans are grown from organic soil, or that the country boasts year-round temperatures that are perfect for growing coffee beans- it’s actually that Costa Rican coffee have a “human” touch that few other countries put into their farms. More like artistry than work, Costa Rican farmers work in immaculately clean mills where the standard of efficiency and productivity are a true labor of love. In the spirit of preservation, the country has strict environmental laws, which further propel the farmers to ensure the quality of their work.



Enjoyed by:  Selma Hayek, George Clooney, and Derek Jeter