Peru Organic

Product Note: tobacco pipe, tropical fruits, cocoa beans

Our Peru Organic is distinct in its bold, spicy flavors. Infused with aromas of tobacco and bittersweet chocolate this coffee leaves behind an aftertaste of sweetness with notes of raisin, cherry, and papaya. Adventurous coffee for the adventurer in you.

Region: Coffee connoisseurs agree that Peruvian coffee is among the world’s best tasting. Winning global awards for delicious coffee, there are many reasons to explore these chocolatey-fruity coffees. Although they lack the certificate, Peruvian coffee is all organically grown without any chemicals or pesticides-however, the government does not give out certifications of organic authenticity. Despite this, these family-owned, many generational coffee farmers, belong to cooperatives that ensure a stable market, a fair trade price, and the consistency of chemical free crops.



Enjoyed by: Tom Hanks, Marco Polo, and Amelia Earhart