Sumatra Decaf Blend

Product Note:  soil, leaves, coffee plant

With a flavor profile description that has borrowed vocabulary from that of a wine, this coffee is earthy and full bodied with a smooth aftertaste. This well rounded and balanced bean delivers the same great taste as traditional coffee but with less of the caffeine.

*swiss water decaf process

Region: Unique only in Sumatra, the coffee farmers use a processing method called Giling Basah, a process that leaves the beans “wetter” than the more traditional drying processes. Leaving the beans wet, lends to making the taste of the brew much more earthy tasting than other areas of the world. Roasting the beans dark, ensures that the herbaceous/earthy properties of the bean come through when they’re poured.



Enjoyed by: Superman, Batman, Ironman- Super Human powers, no jitters.